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Window Cleaning Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Window & Eavestrough Cleaning

Can't see through your windows? Do you live in the Richmond Hill area and need to have your windows cleaned?  Then it might me time to call Prestige Maintenance Window Cleaning! For over 15 years, Prestige Maintenance Crew & Window Cleaning has been providing expert window cleaning and gutter (eaves trough) cleaning  to Richmond Hill  residents.  You can depend on our expert window washers to get the job done whether you live in a high-rise condo or a beautiful townhouse, 7 bedroom colonial  residential house or a loft in the Richmond Hill area.  Trust Prestige to put the put the sparkle back in your home! 

Prestige Window Cleaning services are available for residential and commercial clients in Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area. We also offer pressure cleaning services and hard water stain removal service for especially stained windows and glass surfaces.
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Gutter & Eavestrough Cleaning Richmond Hill

Are your eavestroughs clogged up to the point where there are plants growing out of them? If so, then Prestige Maintenance Crew offers top of the line eavestrough or gutter cleaning. We use proper equipment to ensure that the downspouts are rid of any clogs. Major clogs are taken out by hand and a gutter scoop while the rest can and will be removed with a leaf blower.

Office Cleaning Richmond Hill

Prestige Maintenance Crew in Richmond Hill  Provides Industry-Leading Janitorial and Commercial and Residential Office Cleaning Services.

Prestige Maintenance Crew  of Richmond Hill, Ontario is a local provider of high-quality janitorial cleaning services and. We serve all surrounding Toronto markets. Our highly motivated and well-trained professionals will design a customized janitorial program for your residential property or commercial facility that can adapt and grow with your company.

Our service providers are highly trained in advanced cleaning techniques and cleaning equipment to deliver janitorial services that are healthy for your office and safe for the environment. Green cleaning, which utilizes special equipment to remove a higher percentage of dirt and bacteria, while requiring less cleaning chemicals, and cleaning for health are vital aspects of the services Prestige offers.

We provide janitorial cleaning services for a variety of industries, including the following:

Homes and Residential Properties
General Offices
Multi-Tenant Facilities
Medical Offices
Schools, Preschools and Day Care
Auto Dealerships
Fitness Centers
Property Managed Buildings


"I was comparing prices for window and gutter cleaning and I received a quote from Prestige. I thought the price was great compared to the others I received. So I decided to accept the quote. The job was well done, and I was very satisfied. I recommend these guys for sure."   - Ursula in Richmond Hill